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The Time Zone Series:

Union Pacific Golden Spike Action Car

UP Golden Spike Car UP Golden Spike Car


In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln authorized the construction of a railroad line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast. The Central Pacific was organized to drive east and the Union Pacific west. After six years, the two lines met at Promontory, Utah on May 10 1869.

One hundred thirty years later, the CHICAGOLAND LIONEL RAILROAD CLUB is sending Uncle Herb on tour to all the time zones. Our first car, of a four-car collection that will be completed in the next two years, sends Uncle Herb to the Mountain Time zone to commemorate the Transcontinental Railroad in the special Union Pacific Commemorative Golden Spike car.

The Union Pacific Golden Spike Commemorative car carries the Golden Spike special markings and the full Union Pacific Herald, which includes the dynamic blue wings on the Union Shield. The car is running on steel sprung trucks and metal chassis. The Uncle Herb action car allows you to deliver his crate when placed over and activated by any UCS track.

Click here for a peek of the Southern Pacific Daylight Special, our second car of the time zone series. The remaining two time zone cars will be presented in 1999 through 2000.

This is a limited edition offered exclusively by the Chicagoland Lionel Railroad Club.

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Revised - 01/12/03